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  • The cheetah's habitat has been reduced by 76%, and they occur widely but sparsely in the regions they still inhabit.
  • Two film makers, Rolf and Vita Köster, from the Taunus Mountains in Germany have found their fulfillment and their calling on the Africa Continent.
  • Over the sight of the camera, where a sleeping lion came into focus, there was a great sweep of yellow grass and khaki sand… the spectacular plains of Africa!
  • Snares’ worst victims of all are not the animals that they kill, but those that manage to escape and survive.
  • The most striking thing about the ochre people was their passionate addiction to self-decoration each outfit telling the Himba story.
  • World's Greatest Migration...    thundering herds of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles driven by instinct over a land that is turning against its wildlife

Welcome to ro-vi film

For many years now a great deal of our time has been spent in Africa where we have, through our filming activities, become fascinated by the abundance of natural beauty and the variety of wildlife here.

The biodiversity of this continent is high  but unfortunately many species in Africa are highly endangered and threatened by extinction. Our concern is to show what we should appreciate, protect and save.

Africa´s wilderness is one of the world´s richest and most vulnerable ecosystems. If there was any real hope of preserving what was left, Africa’s story had to be told.
We’ve had many adventures in our lives but we knew it would be the ultimate adventure when we left our comfortable life in Germany to travel to Africa.  Hermanus, in South Africa, also known as the best whale watching spot in the world, was the ideal spot for us to have our headquarters to operate from and to produce our films.

Again and again we have exchanged comfort for hardship and sometimes safe routine for danger...  the whole of Africa has been good to us and we wanted to tell the stories of her spectacular wildlife, the pristine wilderness areas and the life of the rural people in Southern Africa.

A film must end somewhere.. but our travels will still go on with more stories to film.

All film material since 2005 has been produced exclusively in HD quality.

Professional aerial filming with Quadcopters, Multicopters and Drones. Some underwater action shots done with GoPro Hero 3